Hi. Welcome to George Panagakos Photography. Thanks for visiting. We are a Boston, MA and Fort Lauderdale, FL based studio and we’ve been making images for about fifteen years, which means that we are seasoned professionals who know how to deliver, yet we have an almost child-like wonder and enthusiasm towards this work that we love. 

The types of photography we specialize in include portraiture for business and medical clientele, hotels and resorts, and mega yacht interiors and aerials for advertising, editorial, and brokerage clients. We travel the world on a consistent basis and are particularly adept at dealing with the intricacies of domestic and international logistics while on assignment. And, of course, we use all the latest and greatest equipment and technology, but that is to be expected. Equally as important, we are good at listening to client needs and producing exactly what you need with an unshakeable, can-do attitude. 

So, you probably want to check out some of our work.